During World War II

tensions continued to rise between Nazis and Jews as the history of anti-semitism goes far back in history. According to many Christians, Jews were seen as the “murderers of God”. Jews were soon associated with the devil and were seen as “the others” in which they were given yellow badges to distinguish themselves from the non-Jewish. At first, many believed that the solution for dealing with Jews was to convert them to Christianity.

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Since you cannot respect me

“Since you cannot respect me, move out! I am giving you one month from today, August 4,” my Father bellowed. The fiercest fight of the year occurred. It seemed as if everyone clashed against my Father. This war began with my Father walking upstairs, forgetting to turn off the lights in the sun room. Everyone else remained downstairs.
Afterwards, he sprinted downstairs and observed the sun room. Assuming that one of us kept the lights on, wasting electricity, he snapped at us. My Mother quickly and defensively blurted that she refrained from using the light. The room heated up, and the stuffy atmosphere brought sweat to our faces. I curled into a ball because once anger sparked in my parents, chaos ensued. I could not bear watching the event.

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Original Source Paper

On April 25, 1938 the Educational Policies Commission voted and approved the publication of The Purposes of Education in American Democracy. The commission’s purpose of the publication was to accomplish two things. The first was what the commission believed schools within the United States should accomplish as in educational objectives and second how to reach those educational objectives (vii).

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